Wichita Falls MPEC

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  • Kay Yeager Coliseum, Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall, J.S. Bridwell Agricultural Center and Memorial Auditorium are all Handicap Accessible.
  • Handicap Accessible Seating is available at all venues. Please mention Handicap Accessible Seating needs when making ticket purchases at the Box Office. Please call 940-716-5555 to reach the Box Office.
  • Handicap Accessible Parking is available at the Kay Yeager Coliseum in front of the main Box Office at 5th Street & Lamar Avenue.
  • Handicap Accessible Parking is available at the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall in the South parking lot in front of the building.
  • Handicap Accessible Parking is available at the J.S. Bridwell Ag Center on the West side near the building.
  • Handicap Accessible Parking is available at Memorial Auditorium on 7th Street. Additional Handicap Parking is available in the 6th Street parking lot behind the building.

Memorial Auditorium: There is wheelchair seating in located behind Row CC. For reserved seating events, the wheelchair user buys a ticket in Row CC. Up to four companions can also reserve seating in Row CC. Although the wheelchair user will sit behind Row CC, the vacant Row CC seat allows the wheelchair user to sit behind that seat without obstruction to their direct line of sight to the stage. For ticketed events (but not reserved seating) and non-ticketed events: wheelchair users and up to four companion seats have priority in Row CC.

Memorial Auditorium is a 2,770 seat theatre inside the City Hall building in downtown Wichita Falls and the building was built in the 1920s. In the early 1900s, ADA accommodations had not been created and we make accommodations as best as we can today. The theatre floor is sloped and all chairs are bolted into the ground. The balcony cannot be accessed without climbing stairs. There is an elevator that will take you to the balcony floor; however, there are stairs to the balcony sections of the auditorium.

Restrooms, concession stands, and bars are accessible to ADA patrons.

The ADA entrance is at the NE side of the building. Patrons may enter through the ADA entrance on the NE side of the building and access the elevator that will take them to any floor.