Wichita Falls MPEC

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MPEC Donors

The Multi-Purpose Events Center Complex would not have been possible without the vision of great leaders and the generous contributions of so many.  

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($750,000 and above)

  • J.S. Bridwell Foundation
  • Minnie Rhea Wood
  • Kay Yeager
  • City of Wichita Falls
  • Wichita County
  • The Perkins-Prothro Foundation

PARTNERS ($15,000-$749,000)

  • Tax Increment Financing District
  • Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce (BCI)
  • University Kiwanis Club

PATRONS ($1,000-$14,999)

  • North Texas Home Builders Association
  • Ralph Harvey, Jr.
  • Carol and James Berzina
  • Charles Barr Building Company
  • Maskat Shrine A.A.O.N.M.S.

AFFILIATES ($999 and under)

  • Ed McIntosh, Attorney
  • Sentry Management, Inc.
  • S.H. Rider High FFA
  • Crouch & Thayer, P.C.
  • Thomas E. Taylor, MD PA
  • Mildred Czingili
  • Henry Zimmer
  • Vikki Chaviers
  • Linda and Rob Wilson
  • A.G. Edwards
  • Wichita Rebekah No. 236

There may be those donors and contributors that were inadvertently missed…please accept our gratitude and appreciation for your contribution to the Multi-Purpose Events Center.