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Hotter’N Hell 100 By the Numbers

Hotter’N Hell is such a HUGE event for Wichita Falls! I work next door to the HHH office and I’ve had the chance to see how much effort and energy goes into making this ride a success. I want to share a bit of insight into what it takes to make this event happen! 

2 paid staff (Chip Filer, Hotter’N Hell and Sandy Fleming, Streams and Valleys)

6 routes (10K, 25 mile, 50 mile, 100K, 75 mile, 100 mile)

20 rest stops

more than 20 benefiting charities

around 30 Finish Line Village vendors

33 sag wagons

34th year

about 120 vendors inside Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall

244 cases of bananas

$312.41 average amount spent by each visitor in Wichita Falls*

450 cases of pickle juice

more than 4500 Volunteers

12K riders signed up so far (not including late registration!)

$6.8-million, estimated visitor spending*

All the hotel rooms in a 1 hour radius are full

*Acccording to the 2013 Hotter’N Hell 100 Economic Impact Report

Want to find out more about the history of Hotter’N Hell? Click here!

Are you heading out? I’ll be there Saturday come by and say hello!

              -Ann Arnold-Ogden