For God & Country

Join Broken Chains Freedom Church for the 4th Annual Jerico Ride and special guest speakers Shilo Harris and Col. Allen West to benefit Texoma's Heroes.  

Texoma's Heroes is a non-profit charitable organization that helps our veterans, both locally and nationally. Donations are gladly accepted.  

Click here for a details of the weekend's schedule.  


Friday, May 19th - Guest Speaker Shilo Harris 
Author of "Steel Will"
On February 19, 2007, SSG Shilo Harris was patrolling an infamous southern Iraqi roadway when his Humvee was struck by an IED.  Moments later, members of his crew were dead and Shilo had sustained severe injuries what would alter the course of his life.  For forty-eight days he lay trapped in a medically induced coma, after which he had to come to grips with becoming a man utterly changed.  

Saturday, May 20th - Guest Speaker Col. Allen West
Author of "Guardian of the Republic"
From humble beginnings in Atlanta where his father instilled in him a code of conduct that would inform his life ever after, Col. Allen West has emerged as one of the most authentic voices in conservative politics.  Throughout his years leading his troops, raising a loving family, serving as Congressman in Florida's 22nd district, West has never comprimised the core values on which he was raised.   

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